Nature, Wildlife, and Education

Nature Center ExplorerThe White Mountain Nature Center (WMNC) is a nature center dedicated to helping you enjoy and understand the ecology of the beautiful White Mountains region of Arizona.

The White Mountains region is very diverse. You will experience this as you climb from grasslands that are home to speedy pronghorn, through the world’s largest stand of ponderosa pine (teeming with forest-dependent wildlife), to the alpine tundra on Mount Baldy (Arizona’s second-highest point at 11,420 ft).

We established the nature center in 2005, and we are rapidly completing our vision. Our complex now includes a wildlife rehabilitation area.  WMNC is actively involved with White Mountains communities and organizations and is building a nature center that is focused on wildlife and nature education and wildlife rehabilitation.

For more information about our organization, see About Us.


We are looking for a donation…

We have an idea that we hope one of our wonderful partners can help us with. We would like to make a travel exhibit trailer for the Nature Center and need a mechanically sound, exterior in good shape, 27’ travel trailer for this purpose.

The interior is not critical because we would renovate the interior as a Nature Center/Pinetop-Lakeside traveling showcase!

So…do you have a travel trailer that might need a new home? If so, please contact us at the email or phone below. THANK YOU!

Contact Kathy at or 928-207-5346.

Thank you.

Fall Color Report


  • The reds and yellows are coming out in full force in Pinetop-Lakeside and all elevations above 7000’.
  • Reports from Greer and Sunrise show that the aspens are in their magnificent yellow, and should be for this week until we get the winds. That could call an end to our color for the season. Weather reports say we should have high winds by the end of this week. My suggestion would be to plan your color excursion this week!
  • Other trees, like Cottonwoods, Oaks, and other hardwoods will be another couple weeks.
  • You may find trees here and there that are changing while others will hold off for a while. It’s best to call the area you are planning on visiting a day or two prior to your trip to check the color at that time.

Order Your Own Engraved Brick Paver

Honor a loved one – memorialize a beloved person or pet – commemorate a birthday or special event – show your love for animals

The White Mountain Nature Center Board of Directors is offering you the opportunity to select an engraved recognition brick for your support of the WMNC. For a minimum donation of $75, you can create a personalized brick. More…

Rinker Memorial Bench

Donations are now being taken for a memorial bench to honor Don Rinker.  Many of you may remember Don from his many years at Arizona Game and Fish.

Read more…