Nature, Wildlife, and Education

Nature Center ExplorerThe White Mountain Nature Center (WMNC) is a nature center dedicated to helping you enjoy and understand the ecology of the beautiful White Mountains region of Arizona.

The White Mountains region is very diverse. You will experience this as you climb from grasslands that are home to speedy pronghorn, through the world’s largest stand of ponderosa pine (teeming with forest-dependent wildlife), to the alpine tundra on Mount Baldy (Arizona’s second-highest point at 11,420 ft).

We established the nature center in 2005, and we are rapidly completing our vision. Our complex now includes a wildlife rehabilitation area.  WMNC is actively involved with White Mountains communities and organizations and is building a nature center that is focused on wildlife and nature education and wildlife rehabilitation.

For more information about our organization, see About Us.

Summer Family Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated in our Summer Family Photo Contest. Here are the winners:

Adult Winners

1st Place: David Brinker with close up of bald eagle
2nd Place: Becky Flanagan with landscape scene of creek, trees, and mountains
3rd Place: Dan Umberger with a close up of a Steller’s Jay

Youth Winners

Youth winners:
1st Place: Caitlyn Wagner with the shot of the eagle diving on the lake
2nd Place: Katey Spillman with the close up of the beautiful yellow flower
3rd Place: Elizabeth Giordano with the shot of the two deer feeding in the forest

We are looking for a donation…

We have an idea that we hope one of our wonderful partners can help us with. We would like to make a travel exhibit trailer for the Nature Center and need a mechanically sound, exterior in good shape, 27’ travel trailer for this purpose.

The interior is not critical because we would renovate the interior as a Nature Center/Pinetop-Lakeside traveling showcase!

So…do you have a travel trailer that might need a new home? If so, please contact us at the email or phone below. THANK YOU!

Contact Kathy at or 928-207-5346.

Fall Color Report


  • Most of the color is now gone off the trees. We do have some cottonwoods coming up golden, but
    that is about it for all regions of the White Mountains.
  • Check out the website for our full year photo contest. Take a great NATURE shot and download it to
    our website, and we will put it on our Gallery page and enter it in the contest.

Look for this report next fall from the White Mountain Nature Center, and look for a winter outdoor
activity report once the snow flies! Thank you for your participation.

Our Rehab Center Needs Your Help

On Saturday, November 4th, there will be a project that needs ALL HANDS ON DECK! The fence needs to be moved so the Rehab can start accepting patients! Please come to help MOVE the fence to its new location. We will meet at the Nature Center at 9 am. We need muscle because it is a very long piece of fence that needs to be relocated. We hope to see all strong, able-bodied friends there!

“Wish List” for Rehab**
• Small hand towels to cover eyes
• Welding gloves-large & small
• Gardening gloves-large & small
• Large nets w/small holes to catch birds
• Rubber water bowels
• DAWN (original) dish soap
• Sponges
• Knives-to cut rodents/rabbits
• Refrigerator
• Hose
• Hard kennels
• Masking tape

**If you can donate any of these items please contact Kathy at the Nature Center. or 928-207-5346.

Thank you!