Our management team has a great deal of experience in conserving and researching our earth’s natural resources. Our management team’s extensive experience ranges from managing wildlife in the Arizona Game and Fish Department to serving in the White Mountain Audubon Society.

From hummingbirds to elk and from meadow grass to Ponderosa pines, we have dedicated much of our lives to conservation and wildlife management.

Diana Butler President
Gil Alvidrez Vice President, Educational Programs Director
Linet Ingels Secretary
John Jarchow Treasurer
Norris Dodd Public Programs/Grant Director
Judi Bassett Public Relations Director, Annual Benefit Director Co-Chair
Kathy Dahnk Board Member
Lynn Krigbaum Outreach Director, Annual Benefit Director Co-Chair
Jim Snitzer Site Improvements Director
Jeff Wolf Volunteer Director, Wildlife Rehabilitation Director
Cathy Penrod Events Director
Mary Ellen Bittorf Past President