WMNC Building
WMNC Building

WMNC is located in Woodland Park in the town of Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. We are currently planning our sustainable-constructed Nature Center complex. Our “green” building plans include classrooms, a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, interpretative areas, and more.

A Current View of the Nature Center

Below is a current webcam view of WMNC.

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Woodland Lake Park

Woodland LakeThe Nature Center is also your gateway to the wonderful 583-acre Woodland Lake Park parcel, the very heart of Pinetop-Lakeside. Trails connect the Nature Center to the neighboring Big Springs Environmental Study Area with its phenomenal spring-fed pond and wetlands.

From there, you cross ponderosa pine forest where elk roam, then on to the lush Walnut Creek riparian corridor, and ultimately to Woodland Lake into which osprey plunge to catch trout. While you are at the park, please take some time to discover and enjoy the natural world around you!

Site Plan

The current site plan is shown below (click to enlarge).

WMNC current site plan (click to enlarge)

Trail Map

The current trail map is shown below.


Yes indeed, we have BIG plans for growth at the Nature Center site!  We’re committed to sustained progress in implementing our Master Site Plan including a pavilion and visitor/interpretative center, all which will allow us to meet our mission and serve the White Mountains. In the meantime, nature still abounds and we’re getting on with the business of education and interpretation.