Forest Health

Now you can walk the “Fire and Forest Management Trail” at the Nature Center and join in classroom activities at the same time! The curriculum activities correspond to nine interpretive panels (click the images at the bottom of this page to view each panel).

To walk the “Fire and Forest Management Trail”, park in the parking area at the White Mountain Nature Center and follow the trail map. The parking area includes ample space for parking and turning around school buses. The trail is open every day of the year, but please use caution when encountering wet conditions on or near the trails.

Individual activities are listed with each panel. Feel free to print the activities and use them. And keep watching as we add more new activities!

Click the images below to view panel pages.

Forest Health Panels

Trail 1 Panel
Trail 2 Sign
Trail 3 Sign
Trail 4 Sign
Trail 5 Sign
Trail 6 Sign
Trail 7 Sign
Trail 8 Sign
Trail 9 Sign